Zeinab Harake Talks About Motherhood and How It Changed Her Life

Here are some stories of Zeinab Harake about her life as a mother.

ZEINAB HARAKE – Content creator Zeinab Harake discusses her life as the mother of Lucas and Bia in her latest video.

What does it mean to be a mother?

Being a mother is not just about sacrificing yourself, your body, and your time. Being a mother is about commitment and unconditional love. And this is what Zeinab Harake is towards her two children.

Zeinab or Zebby is a famous social media star. She is among the most followed personalities on Youtube. Apart from being an influencer, she is also a mother.

She is the mother of Lucas and Bia. She got Lucas before she turned 18 years old. He is her adopted son but it did not make her love the little boy any less. The second one is Bia, her legit “mini-me”.

Bia is her daughter with a famous rapper and when they got separated, he let her have their baby.

And just recently, speaking about motherhood, she shared some stories about her experiences and the changes she went through. Being a single parent, she sees herself as both a “super mom” and “super dad”.

She didn’t know how but she knew that she is doing well in being their parent. Despite her busy working schedule, she is able to still give time to them to play with them.

She talks fondly of her children and she talks about being their parent with passion. For her, they are the main reason why she chooses to get up and work every day. They are her reason to hustle in life.

Zebby talked about how fulfilling it is to be a mother. When it comes to having a partner, she is not rushing to matters like this for now. She wants to be careful as she would want her children to meet

Check out her new vlog below:


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