“Batang Quiapo” to Remove Toni Fowler over “MPL” Music Video?

Toni Fowler Will Allegedly be Removed from “Batang Quiapo” Due to Controversial “MPL”

Internet personality Toni Fowler clarifies rumors that she will be removed from “FPJs Batang Quiapo” due to her controversial MPL music video.

Speculation is widespread that prominent content producer Toni Fowler will be cast in the Kapamilya action-romcom series “Batang Quiapo”. This is reported to be due to the vlogger’s controversial “MPL” music video, which became a major subject on social media due to its supposedly obscene content.

Lala Sotto, head of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB), recently cautioned Toni Fowler about the video. Sotto reported the YouTuber and her coworkers for using the MTRCB’s “SPG” classification despite never having gone through the agency.

Toni Fowler Batang Quiapo

Sotto went on to say that if the MTRCB reviewed it, it would receive an X rating. According to Team Fowler, the “MPL” music video is restricted and not intended for a general or international audience.

Meanwhile, her followers are wondering if it is true that she will be dropped from Coco Martin’s “Batang Quiapo” due to the controversial music video she created. Toni stated in her TikTok video that the story is false and encouraged her followers not to trust in fake news.

“To answer your question, hindi po ako natanggal sa ‘Batang Quiapo.’ Alam niyo ang daming nag-iisyu na natanggal daw po ako kesyo hindi na po ako napapanood,” the vlogger began to clarify.

She continued, “Pero sa totoo lang, ishi-share ko rin sa iyo ang thought ni Mommy Oni, sa totoo lang in-expect ko talaga na after ng ‘MPL’ ay matatanggal ako. Kumbaga bahala na. Pero hindi naman po ako natanggal dahil hindi naman po ako sa TV kumanta noon.

“So malayong-malayo po. Nasa ibang platform po ako which is doon sa restricted adults only. At alam niyo naman ang TV ay hindi po para sa contents ko na ganoon,” she added in her video.

@mommytonifowlerofficial Tanggal daw ako sa #fpjsbatangquaipo ♬ original sound – Toni Fowler

Toni was seen in the final episode of “Batang Quiapo” last Friday, therefore her work in the series of her contentious music video appears to have been unaffected. Let’s just see if Toni shows up in the next few episodes of the show.

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