Small Laude Features Alice Eduardo’s Massive Hermes Bag Collection

In a new video, Small Laude shares the massive Hermes collection of her sister.

SMALL LAUDE – Social media star and socialite, Small Laude features the massive Hermes bag collection of Alice Eduardo.

President & CEO of Sta. Elena Construction & Development Corporation Alice Eduardo is one of the wealthiest people in the Philippines. Other personalities on her pedestal at very private about their personal life but Alice is not. In a previous article, she opened up her mansion for a house tour in Alex Gonzaga’s vlog.

Her sister Small Laude is also among the most-loved content creators. Small is undeniably ultra-rich but through her contents, people saw that she was not the brooding madam of powerful families. She is this funny and approachable madam.

And in her latest vlog, she sneaked into the room that houses the massive Hermes bag collection of her sister.

As expected, the bags are organized and neatly put in a cabinet. Massive spaces were made for the bags to have their place.

Small started by showing the crocodile-skin Hermes bags of her sister. The Sta. Elena’s CEO certainly knows what to include in her collection. Her collection is not exclusive to neutral colors. She seemingly has one in every color – from loud to muted colors.

Of course, she has not just one but three Hermès Himalayan Birkin in different sizes.

She also has bags on various skins such as ostrich, lizard, and among others. And what’s awesome about her collection is that she has pieces that have the horseshoe symbol or stamp on them. The horseshoe symbol is considered the ultimate status symbol for it means that the bag is a special order that only the upper echelon of Hermes clients are being offered.

Watch the vlog below:


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