Male Passenger Caught on Act Stealing Fare of Other Commuters “Binulsa”

Male Passenger Caught on Camera Performing Modus Operandi in Public Jeepney

MODUS OPERANDI – A male passenger was caught stealing the fare of other commuters inside a public utility jeepney.

In the Philippines, public jeepneys are an iconic mode of transportation that many people rely on for their daily commutes. They are known for their affordable fares, which make them a popular choice for commuters who cannot afford private transportation.

They are also a great way to get around the city quickly, as they follow specific routes that cover many areas of the city.

Male Passenger

Riding a jeepney in the Philippines can be an exciting experience, especially for foreigners. The process is relatively straightforward: passengers hop on at the back of the jeepney, pay the fare to the driver, and then disembark at their destination.

However, commuters may experience inconvenience and other unexpected incidents riding public transport vehicles.

The video footage of the male passenger allegedly stealing the fare of other commuters inside a public jeepney was shared on the Facebook page “Oscarbonara,” eliciting reactions from netizens.

In the video, the commuters can be heard complaining about the male passenger in a pink shirt for not giving their payment to the jeepney driver. Instead, the passenger allegedly put the money in his own pocket for his own gain.

The accused passenger denied the allegations and even argued with other commuters. Eventually, he got out of the jeepney to avoid further trouble with the raging passengers.

The video has a caption:


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