Man Caught on Camera “Nagnakaw ng laman sa lugaw” Goes Viral

Man Caught in the Act “Nagnakaw ng laman sa lugaw” Elicits Reactions

A closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage showing a man caught “nagnakaw ng laman sa lugaw” goes viral on social media.

Robbery is currently one of the world’s most serious challenges. The Philippine government is enforcing harsher policies, although crimes continue to occur without the authorities’ awareness.

Man Nagnakaw Laman Lugaw

Placing CCTV cameras in homes or businesses can greatly aid in the prevention of crimes and the identification of suspects. After being captured on CCTV, several perpetrators were apprehended and subjected to the appropriate punishments and penalties.

Meanwhile, on the Facebook page Gongonkilabot, a CCTV camera clip generated opinions from the online community. Two guys are seen in the video purchasing “lugaw,” or porridge, from a grocery store.

The store clerk is just getting their orders ready. The attendant may be seen inspecting the porridge as it is transferred from the large saucepan to their bowl. The attendant went inside to fetch something after a few minutes.

The customers apparently have a sinister plan here. When the attendant entered, one of the customers grabbed the ladle and scooped the meat from the porridge. According to the footage, he then placed it in a container and swiftly hid it.

The attendant returned, unknowing that the customers had stolen a bit of meat from their porridge. The attendant continues to serve the unethical customers’ orders as if nothing had happened.

The video has gone popular on social media, eliciting a variety of reactions from viewers. Several netizens condemned the customer’s criminal behavior, while others found it amusing.

Man Nagnakaw Laman Lugaw
Man Nagnakaw Laman Lugaw

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