Darryl Yap Slams Claims He Declined “The Chiefs” TV Guesting

Darryl Yap Clarifies Claims That He Allegedly Declined Guesting in “The Chiefs”

Controversial director Darryl Yap clarified the claims that he allegedly declined the guesting invitation of the TV show “The Chiefs”.

One News’ “The Chiefs” program recently disclosed that the director of the film “Martyr or Murderer” denied their offer to attend the show. Ed Lingao and Luchi Cruz-Valdez host the show.

Darryl Yap The Chiefs

The controversial director responded to the program’s assertions that he denied their invitation on Facebook. Yap revealed in a Facebook post on Saturday, February 18, that he received a direct message in the conversation requesting him to appear on TV to discuss the MoM.

But, according to The Chiefs, it appears that things did not work out because the director apparently declined. Yap explained it right away. According to his post, he did not decline but instead requested equitable guesting.

“I DID NOT DECLINE, I WANT A FAIR GUESTING. Ano’ng kaCHIEFan ito The Chiefs Cignal TV Cignal Entertainment ONE News,” Yap wrote in his post.

Yap addressed his post directly to the two hosts of the program, where the director of “Ako si Ninoy,” Atty Vince Taada, was also invited and live interviewed. He stated that he would like to conduct the interview in person rather than via video conference, as was told to him. He stated that he thought it was unjust.

“AYAW KO PO NG GANON. Kayong mga host ay nasa studio, ako via ZOOM. Papuntahin n’yo ko dyan, Wag ganito. At ito namang direktor na inimbitahan n’yo (Atty. Vince), andaming verbal diarrhea, andaming sinabing sinabi ko raw, pinagpapapansin n’yo kasi,” he said.

“Huwag po tayong magsinungaling, I did not decline, I want a fair guesting. I am a supporter of a Marcos, but I am not a Marcos— I will not seek Divine Justice— Pumapalag ako sa abot ng aking makakaya,” explained Yap in his post.

In another Facebook post, the song “F.L.A.M.E.S.” was also mocked. Yap is one of Lingao and Cruz-Valdes’ three teammates. There has been no comment, reply, or statement from the two named hosts or The Chiefs’ management on this.

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