Lolit Solis Reveals Alex Gonzaga Offered Assistance For Her Medical Expenses

Lolit Solis shared a write-up about the Gonzaga sisters

Veteran showbiz writer Lolit Solis revealed that actress-vlogger Alex Gonzaga offered to help with her medical expenses.

Lolit is still undergoing dialysis sessions. She would sometimes share posts about celebrities who visited her while having her medical treatment. Through her social media posts, the veteran writer would also express gratitude and show appreciation to people who helped and continue to help her.

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In one of her recent Instagram posts, Lolit shared a write-up about Toni and Alex Gonzaga. She said that she likes Toni ever since because the latter would always be very sweet and polite toward her.

Walang pa star na aura,” Lolit Solis said about the older Gonzaga. The writer also commended Alex Gonzaga for what she did after the controversial miscarriage write-up. To recall, even before Alex announced that sad news, Lolit already released a post about this.

However, that issue is already a thing of the past. Lolit and Alex were able to settle whatever issue they had. The writer even shared that she is thankful that the actress-vlogger talked to her over the phone about this.

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Pero ang pinaka type ko sa mga Gonzaga si Mommy Pinty na kahit saan, kahit kelan, mabait sa akin pag nakikita ko,” Lolit shared, adding that she has no problem with the Gonzagas.

Lolit also mentioned that she likes Toni’s hosting and Alex’s humor. The writer also pointed out that this is the reason why she did not make it a big deal when Alex corrected her write-up.

Then, Lolit revealed the kind gesture that she received from Alex just recently. “Kaya naman natuwa ako ng sinabi ni Gorgy na nag reach out si Alex Gonzaga para tumulong sa medical expenses ko. Napa praning na talaga ako sa dami ng mga gustong tumulong sa akin,” the veteran showbiz writer said. Lolit Solis added that this is a humbling experience for her.

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