Hash Alawi Prepares Sweet Surprise For Girlfriend, Netizens React

Very sweet! Here’s how Hash Alawi surprised his girlfriend for Valentines.

HASH ALAWI – Netizens are admiring Hash Alawi and his girlfriend Alexis more and here’s a new vlog from them to love them even more.

Valentine’s Day is extra special when spent with the people you love. And making this day extra special, Hash Alawi prepared a cute surprise for his girlfriend Alexis. They did celebrate prior to the day of the heart’s day as he did not want her to skip work just for this reason. This year’s Valentines did not fall on a weekend.

Hash Alawi
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Ahead of the special day, he has planned out everything already including asking her parents’ permission. All she had to do was prepare her stuff. But Alexis wasn’t the princess type.

She knows exactly what she wants if she’s in a relationship and that is not to become a freeloader. Before hanging up, she made sure he’ll say “Yes” to her paying for their Disneyland ticket.

In every vlog date they have, she always secures a spot in their activities. She doesn’t want to allow Hash to pay for everything even though he can.

Hash Alawi
Photo grabbed on YouTube

And on their Disneyland trip, she made sure again that she has a share.

He took her to Hong Kong Disneyland as she has accordingly mentioned to him that she wants to go there.

They roamed Disneyland and tried a few rides. It’s both their first time traveling with one person. And for Hash, his favorite part is her participation in the whole trip – she made it all better for him.

Check out their vlog below:

Check out some comments of the netizens:

Alexis’ simplicity and mindset is so (hands up emojis) Di maarte and parang napakadown to earth na tao

Grabe ang sweet lagi nya naala si mona agad. at ung family ni hash grabe tlaga iba si alexis

It’s sooooo amazing how they always remember mona

Nakangiti lang until matapos ang video… I so love this not pabebe couple

Super lovely at kind hearted ni Ate Alexis, she is really down to earth and super simple and prettiest.

The way she get Mona pasalubong is a girl to keep.


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