Grade 5 Student Writes “Malakasang” Love Letter for Crush

Grade 5 Student Brings Laughter Online for Writing “Malakasang” Love Letter for Crush

LOVE LETTER – A Grade 5 student goes viral and brings laughter online after writing ‘malakasang’ love letter for her crush.

Traditionally, it has been the boys who take the initiative when it comes to expressing feelings of love or admiration for someone. In today’s society, however, girls can be just as brave and bold in their pursuit of love.

The girl in question was a grade 5 student in elementary school. She had been admiring the boy for a certain period of time and takes the courage to do something about it. she decided to take the plunge and write him a letter.

Grade 5 Student

A Facebook user named Lem Gonzaga has shared a love letter written by a female Grade 5 student for her crush. It quickly spread like wildfire online and attracted comments from various social media users.

In the photo, the young girl identified as Krizalyn writes a love letter for her crush Aykie. The letter was full of heartfelt sentiments and expressed the full extent of her admiration for the boy.

Here is the letter:

“Hi Aykie, kung nababasa mo ito sana malaman mo kung gaano kita kamahal at alam mo naman na hinding hindi ako magsisinungaling sayo kahit ano ibibigay ko sayo at mas mahal pa kita kaysa sa buhay ko at wala akong pake kung may iba kana at lagi lang akong nandito kung kailangan mo ako at tandaan mo mahal na mahal kita.” – Krizalyn your girl.. love you!!!

Grade 5 Student

This story illustrates how girls no longer need to wait for boys to make the first move. They can be proactive and take the initiative to express their feelings for someone.

The online community expressed their reactions to the post:

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