Friends Pulling Birthday Surprise Got Surprised Instead: “Gagi nagjajak”

Group of Friends Surprising Friend for Birthday Got Surprised Instead

A group of friends pulling a birthday surprise for their friend got surprised instead after they caught it doing an unusual thing.

While planning a birthday party can be difficult, it can also be a lot of fun, both for the individual being surprised and for those on the receiving end. When it comes to surprise parties, the only person who should be caught off guard is the person who is the subject of the celebration.

When preparing a surprise birthday party, the element of surprise heightens the sense of anticipation — and maintaining a clandestine objective from the guest of honor is fun for everyone engaged behind the scenes. Aside from the conventional ideas we see on social media, several friends and family come up with innovative and original birthday surprises.

Friends Birthday Surprised

Meanwhile, a Facebook user described how they were taken aback when they attempted to surprise a friend on their birthday. DJ Jellie Aw, a netizen, posted a video of herself and her friends pulling a birthday surprise.

According to the video, they enter the residence without the birthday celebrant noticing. One of their friends is holding a birthday cake with a solitary candle lighter ready to be blown once they have surprised their pal.

They entered the celebrant’s chamber, which was dark. When they turned on the lights, they were taken aback. According to reports, the celebrant was stroking himself. He, too, was taken aback and hastily took his hands from himself.

The group of pals laughs because they witnessed the surprise. One of them may also be heard laughing and saying “Gagi nagjajak*l” on the video.

“Nangyari naba sa inyo to? yung sinurprise nyo tropa nyo pero kayo yung nasurprise,” the netizen wrote in her caption.

The video has gone popular on social media, eliciting several reactions from the online community. Netizens responded to the birthday surprise video with hilarious comments.

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