Woman Loses P20k After Believing from Willie Revillame Game Scam

Woman in Cebu Got Scammed After Believing She Won from Willie Revillame Scam

A woman hoping for a cash prize from Willie Revillame loses P20,000 after believing that she won the scam game show.

A 42-year-old woman from Balamban, Cebu Province, was duped into thinking she had won Willie Revillame’s television show. The woman requested assistance from the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group-Central Visaya (CDIG-7) on Monday, February 6, after being duped out of P20,000 by a man who claimed she had won P100,000 on Willie Revillame’s show.

Woman Willie Revillame Scam

Her agony began on October 25, 2022, when she watched Revillame’s game show live on Facebook. Viewers were invited to register a cellphone number in the comment box as a lottery ticket to the concert during the show’s peak.

She pursued it because she wanted to win money. After a few moments, a stranger approached the victim and introduced himself as Revillame. Revillame, according to the 42-year-old, has a man’s voice. She was overjoyed when she learned she had won P50,000, she said. Later, their talk with “Revillame” was cut short by a man who presented himself as a TV host’s staff member.

Based on the report, she was then informed that she had earned another P50,000. During their talk, she was told that he needed to pay P2,7000 as a processing charge in order for her earnings to be released. She used GCash to send P2,700 to her interlocutor after the negotiation.

Aside from the P2,700, she was told to bring P4,500 as a “lifetime insurance charge” on October 28. A few days later, on November 3, she was told to send P5,350 as a fee to the company’s in-house auditor and P3,400 as a receiving clearing fee.

On November 28, the scammer called again and requested P4,600 in litigation fees from the law firm in order to process what the victim purportedly obtained. The woman questioned why she was being paid the costs despite being the winner. She was assured, however, that this was business policy.

A few months later, when the woman did not get the alleged prize, she sought assistance. The woman is also seeking Revillame for assistance in recovering the P20,000. She claimed that the P20,000 she lost was a significant sum for someone whose primary source of income is farming.

Meanwhile, CIDG-7 is investigating the event in order to retrieve the stolen funds. Because of what occurred, the police issued a warning to be aware of unfamiliar individuals claiming to have won a raffle game.

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  1. From the start of the conversation with regard the BAIT NEWS that she won such huge amount; she could have asked herself if she be REQUIRED to pay anything just to be able to claim her PRIZE. Then, when the anwer is POSITIVE; from there, she could have DOUBTED the legitimacy of such a transactio; she could have DECIDED TO DISCONTINUE , and blocked the caller.


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