Willie Revillame “Set Aside Politics” Earns Comments From Ogie Diaz

This is what Ogie Diaz said following the backlash Willie Revillame has previously received.

WILLIE REVILLAME – Ogie Diaz has this opinion about the statement of Willie Revillame following the unpleasant reports about ALLTV.

In a previous article, host Willie Revillame asked the public to pray for their network to succeed so they can help more people. In the same statement, he lambasted the people who expressed happiness over the reports about some of their shows being suspended on-air temporarily because of some money issues. Accordingly, the ratings of the shows were not compensating for the money being burned for the artists and the production.

“Set aside yung pulitika, di ba? Marami pa kayong dapat na malaman sa katotohanan about the frequency. Kung alam niyo lang ang totoo,” he added.

All Media Broadcasting System (AMBS) is yet to issue an official statement regarding this report. AMBS is owned by former Senate president and businessman Manny Villar. They were awarded of the provisional authority to operate the digital channel 16 and analog channel 2 previously assigned to ABS-CBN in January 2022.

And his “set aside yung pulitika” statement notably caught the attention of many people. Many insist that everything is politics including the closing down of the ABS-CBN network.

In a recent vlog of Ogie Diaz, he talked about this and read several comments coming from people online. Some comments expressed that minus the politics, their programs are accordingly not appealing to the people.

According to him, Willie should have done further understanding before saying anything in public so his words would not backfire on him. He knows that Willie has always been grateful to ABS-CBN but during the time his former network was in deep struggle, nothing has been heard about him.

He did not speak about it and he did not show support even in the most subtle way he could. He also explained his Twitter post asking if someone from the congress can do something to prevent ALLTV from resting as lots would also lose their jobs.

“Kaya rin bang tumayo ng ilang congressmen para naman isalba nila ang trabahong mawawala doon sa mga manggagawa sa industriya ng TV? Kung tumayo ang iba para hindi bigyan ng prangkisa ang [ABS-CBN], ngayon ba kaya nilang tumayo? Ngayon ba kaya nilang makiusap kay Senator Manny Villar para wag itigil? Tapos sasabihin i-set aside ang politics? Kagaguhan!” he said.

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