Former BIR Employee Arrested Over Extortion in Bulacan

Former BIR Employee Accused of Extortion Arrested in Bulacan

Police authorities arrested an alleged former employee of the Bureau of Internal Revenues (BIR) for extortion in Bulacan.

After complaining about embezzlement by various companies in Bulacan, a former BIR official was detained in an entrapment operation. Enrico Adriano, according to NBI Central Luzon Assistant Regional Director Noel Bocaling, was apprehended.

Former BIR Employee Extortion

According to the report, Adriano received P2 million in marked money and a telephone. Because the confiscated objects contained messages from his victims, they can be utilized as evidence.

According to Bocaling, Adriano continues to introduce himself as a member of the BIR Central Investigation Division, despite the fact that he is no longer in the post. In exchange for a substantial amount, the suspect offered to take care of the companies’ tax issues.

“Ipinrisinta niya ang sarili niya na siya na ang aayos for a fee. Dahil dati siyang taga BIR, yung format na mga BIR na letters ang pinapadala niya sa mga taong ito dahil alam niya siya ang tatawagan para ayusin, kaya doon nabuking,” Bocaling said.

Adriano is being held at the NBI Bulacansi and is the subject of a large-scale Estafa complaint. Bocaling informed Adriano’s other victims that they might file complaints with the NBI Central Luzon Regional Office.

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