SECONDARY ID LIST: Here’s Guide on IDs and Documents Considered “Secondary” in PH

SECONDARY ID LIST – Here is a guide on the IDs and documents that are considered “secondary” in the Philippines.

The presentation of valid IDs is one of the common processes in booking a flight, purchasing a car, getting a house and lot, applying for a loan, and several other legal transactions. In the absence of a primary ID, you may present secondary IDs and documents and you can check the secondary ID list below.

Secondary ID Philippines: Here’s List of IDs & Documents Considered “Secondary” in PH

Guide on the Secondary ID & Documents in the Philippines

SECONDARY ID PHILIPPINES – Here is a list of the IDs and documents that are considered “secondary” in the Philippines.

In the Philippines and anywhere across the globe, IDs and identification documents are often required to prove the identity of the person who is doing a transaction with a company or firm. They are among the common documentary requirements apart from the loan application forms and the proof of income.

With regards to IDs and identification documents, there are two (2) categories – the primary ID and the secondary ID. In the absence of the primary ID, companies and firms would often ask for secondary IDs. Most of these are issued by the different government institutions in the country.

Secondary ID Philippines
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Secondary Valid ID and Documents in the Philippines

  • Barangay Clearance
  • TIN Card
  • Philhealth Card
  • School ID
  • NBI Clearance
  • Elementary or High School Form 137 for students
  • Firearm’s License Card
  • Voter’s Certification
  • Transcript of Records from University or College
  • Cedula or Community Tax Certificate
  • Government Service Record
  • PWD ID
  • Seaman’s Book
  • Company ID
  • PSA Birth Certificate
  • Alumni ID
  • Philhealth Card
  • Credit Card with photo
  • Land Title
  • Postal ID

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