Male Netizen Gives Free Biscuits & Coffee to Students “hindi nila alam galing yun sa lamay”

Male Netizen Goes Viral After Giving ‘Lamay’ Biscuits & Coffee to Students

A male netizen gives free biscuits and coffee to his students during exam day “hindi nila alam galing yun sa lamay”.

Exam is a test given to students to assess their academic knowledge and learning for a certain period of time. It plays an important role in education because it encourages learners to study to avoid getting failing grades.

Teachers and school employees are giving questions related to the topics discussed in class. However, some of the questions were difficult, which pushes students to think hard to get a correct answer.

Male Netizen

Several educators usually bring snacks for the examinees during the examination day.

A Facebook user named Andy Agulto has shared a photo of some biscuits and sachets of coffee for his students. The post immediately spread like a wildfire on social media and elicits reactions from the online community.

In the photo, the teenage students were silently answering their examinations during the exam day. However, it can be noticed that several packs of biscuits and sachets of coffee were placed on the table.

Male Netizen

Agulto gives snacks to his beloved students and the learners thanked him. However, Andy clarified that the goods came from ‘lamay’ or wake he attended the other night and it did not come from his pocket.

Here is the full post:

Kanina sa exam nagdala ako ng biscuit at kape sa mga estyudante ko, panay Thank you sila eh hindi nila alam galing yun sa lamay na pinuntahan ko kagabi

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

Male Netizen

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