Kitty Duterte Physical Transformation Viral: “From Kitten to Pussycat”

Physical Transformation of Kitty Duterte Becomes the Talk in Social Media

KITTY DUTERTE – The daughter of former president Rodrigo Duterte has become the talk on social media over her physical transformation.

Because of her physical makeover, Kitty Duterte has become the buzz of social media. Kitty is former President Rodrigo Duterte’s youngest daughter with his partner Honeylet Avancea. Netizens have been complimenting and reacting to the stunning young lady.

Kitty Duterte Physical Transformation

Kitty’s adolescence has been followed by the public since she was 12 years old when Digong was sworn in as the country’s president in 2016. Kitty’s beauty, which she attributes to her mother, Honeylet. In fact, the girl has been employed as a brand product endorser.

Kitty astonished everyone with her viral video on Monday, January 30, 2023, when she visited The Mindanao Basket, which shared her video and photographs on Facebook. Because of her sensual attitude, attractive figure, and dainty appearance, Kitty was virtually unrecognizable.

According to a report by the Philippine Entertainment Portal, several people were taken aback by Kitty’s apparent transformation. Some remarked that her transformation from kitten to pussycat was dramatic.

The video and photographs clearly show the tattoos on her body, which appear to be a family tradition. Former President Duterte and Kitty’s half-siblings have tattoos, as do Vice President Sara Duterte, House Representative Paolo Duterte, and Davao City Mayor Baste Duterte.

Some people are also wondering where she got her nose work done or who her doctor was because it is said to be polished. Some believe that if she so desires, she can enter show business due to her attractiveness, which began to appear after she turned 18 on April 10, 2022.

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