Sari-Sari Stores in San Juan Open Refilling Stations Offering ‘Tingi’ Amount Daily Essentials

Several San Juan Sari-Sari Stores Provide Refilling Stations Offering ‘Tingi’ Amount Daily Essentials

Several sari-sari stores in San Juan City have opened refilling stations offering ‘tingi’ amount of daily essentials.

Refilling products at stores is not a new thing. To help stop the growing plastic pollution issue, a number of shops and brands that offer product refills have emerged in Metro Manila and other regions of the Philippines over the past five years or more.

In order to allow sari-sari retailers to sell product refills of various daily necessities in ‘tingi’ quantities, Greenpeace Philippines, incubator lab Impact Hub, and the local government of San Juan City worked together to launch Kuha sa Tingi (KST).

Sari-Sari Stores

Zero Waste campaigner of Greenpeace Philippines and KST project lead Marian Ledesma said that the group wanted to reduce waste pollution in the country.

“KST is a project that establishes refilling stations in communities, We decided to have them hosted in sari-sari stores in order to reduce sachet use, as well as plastic pollution,” Ledesma said.

The Philippines is one of the five countries that produce half of the plastic waste in the world, and our rivers are the ones that release the most plastic into the sea, according to a 2018 UN report.

Sari-Sari Stores Sari-Sari Stores Sari-Sari Stores

It is now more important than ever to find a solution to the plastic problem because microplastics have already been discovered in salt and human blood.

KST wants to do this by involving the government, or at the very least a local government unit, and by eliminating the need for sachet sales by permitting small-volume refills.

“It’s really important that we have a counterpart in government because while people’s personal choices will have an impact, corporate action and government efforts are more significant in terms of impact and reach. That’s what makes them essential if we want to tackle plastic pollution,” Ledesma added.

Currently, Kuha Sa Tingi is in the pilot program and provides refilling stations for dishwashing liquid, detergent, and other essentials. These refilling stations were available in 10 sari-sari stores in San Juan.

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