Dear Joe Menu – What To Order In PH’s First Letter-Writing Cafe?

Here’s a list of choices you can munch on at Dear Joe cafe while writing a letter for someone special.

DEAR JOE MENU – At Dear Joe, you can always find something delightful that will warm your days, and here’s their menu.

We can find cafes almost anywhere but in the Philippines, there are only three places that have a cafe featuring a unique activity. This place is Dear Joe and this place, for now, has three branches in the country – Malolos, Iloilo, and Naga City.

And this unique feature allows customers to have a new cafe and dining experience while being served great coffee and refreshing juice drinks. Its unique letter-writing feature includes mailing your letter to the other person the old fashion way which is through snail mail. Selected letters also get a chance to be read on air at 103.5 Klite FM station on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

In total, Dear Joe has 18 branches nationwide and this cafe is under the Villar Group, the same folks behind Coffee Project.

Here are the drinks you can enjoy in this place:

  • Hot Americano (P140/tall, P155/grande)
  • Vietnamese-inspired Ca Phe Sua Da (P210/grande, P225/big Joe)
  • Hazelnut Frappe (P210/grande, P225/big Joe)
  • Walnut Brownie Frappe (P210/grande, P225/big Joe)
  • Floral Raspberry Kiwi Tea (P185/regular, P200/big Joe)
  • Mango Average Joe (P170/grande, P190/big Joe)
  • Watermelon + Melon + Banana Berry Blends (P160/grande, P180/big Joe)

One branch found on the Ground Floor of Vista Mall Daang Hari in Bacoor opens from 7 AM to 9 PM from Monday to Thursday and 7 AM to 11 PM from Fridays to Sundays.

Based on Food Panda, the popular orders are Iced Matcha Latte, Iced Latte, Hot Cappuccino, Ice Ca Phe Sua Da, Hot Vietnamese Latte, and Caramel Coffee Frappe.

Apart from drinks, they also have appetizers like Truffle Potato Chips, Breakfast Chorizo and Potato, Loaded Potato Chips, Baked Spanish Sardines with Kesong Puti, and Spinach & Asparagus Quatro Dip.

You can also order salads like Kimchee Lychee Salad and Honey Blue Cheese Salad.

They also have Creamy Chicken Toast, Grilled Cheese Longanisa Sandwich, Philly Cheesesteak Classic, Truffle Grilled Cheese, roasted Beef Toast, and Italian Sub.

Their entrees are Almond Crusted fish and Shrimp, Beef Bourguignon, Shrimp Thermidor, Corned Beef & Onion Gravy, and Adobong Moderno and kinds of pasta like Truffle Penne & Cheese Pasta, Creamy Pesto Pasta, Carbonara Pasta, and others.

They have hot beverages, iced beverages, cold brew series, iced-blended coffee-based drinks, iced-blended non-coffee-based drinks, iced-shaken beverages, fruit shakes, and fruit smoothies.


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