Alex Gonzaga and Dani Barretto – How’s Their Friendship After The Viral Video?

How did the viral video affect the friendship of Alex Gonzaga and Dani Barretto?

ALEX GONZAGA – Dani Barretto was the one who uploaded the controversial video of Alex Gonzaga and this is what she said.

The original uploader of the icing-smearing video of Alex Gonzaga that broke the internet is Dani Barretto. Her video was posted as an Instagram story and the moment it went viral, she immediately took it down. However, it was already too late.

Alex Gonzaga

Screen recordings have spread like wildfire online and Gonzaga has been heavily criticized already. She has been trending for almost three days. On top of the critical comments are also stories about her told by people who have actually experienced her “unprofessionalism” and rude attitude.

And now, finally speaking up about the issue is Barretto who regretted uploading it. In a previous article, she expressed that she felt bad about it as it was never her intention to put her friend in a bad light.

“Siguro ang pinakamabigat sa akin ay nakasimula ako ng isang bagay na hindi ko naman ginusto,” she said.

She added that Alex is a good friend of her sister and that the Gonzaga family is important to them. This is also the reason why aside from being regretful, she’s also sad and hurt as to how things have turned out because of a single video.

How did this affect their friendship?

When the video went viral, what she did is reached out to Alex first and apologized. It was her choice to not speak anything amid the height of the issue so as not to worsen it.

She then added, “Ayoko na po talaga pagusapan para move on na po tayo sa issue. Okay na po kami ni Alex wala po kaming ill-feeling toward each other.”

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