Kyle Echarri Heart-Shaped Tattoo Drawn by Sister Battling Brain Tumor

Kyle Echarri Heart-Shaped Tattoo on Wrist Drawn by His Beloved Sister with a Brain Tumor

Filipino-American singer Kyle Echarri shares a heart-shaped tattoo on his wrist drawn by his beloved sister battling with a brain tumor.

The Kapamilya singer-actor shared a series of photos on Instagram flexing his new heart-shaped tattoo on his wrist. He was accompanied by another brother who also had the same heart embroidered on his hand.

Kyle Echarri Heart-Shaped Tattoo

He also mentioned who the artist is and where the idea came from in his caption. Kyle captioned the post “Drawn by our favorite artist,” tagging Isabella Echarri, his younger sister who is currently battling a brain tumor.

Isabella, or Bella, is Kyle’s 12-year-old younger sister who is suffering from a brain tumor. Some celebrities expressed their heartfelt reactions to Kyle’s unique tattoo.

The Kapamilya star’s touching post was also shared by Leon Barretto, Sam Cruz, and Alora Sasam. It will be remembered in June 2022 as the moment when the Kapamilya actor first revealed his family’s heartbreaking news about Bella’s illness.

Bella requested that she hide her illness from Kyle more than a month ago because she didn’t want her older brother to be concerned. The revelation causes the actor to become emotional.

“My baby sister Bella has been my world since the day she was born. Just yesterday I was told by my family that my little girl was diagnosed with a brain tumor on May 2nd and she wanted to hide it from me because she said she didn’t want me to get stressed while I was working,” Kyle said.

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