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Man Drowned At Beach in Davao del Sur During Family Reunion

Man Drowned At Beach in Davao del Sur During Family Reunion

Man Drowned At Beach in Davao del Sur After Suffers Heart Attack

A supposed to be a happy family reunion at a beach in Davao del Sur turned into mourning after a man drowned while swimming.

According to a GMA News report on Monday, the victim was identified as Subaldo Beleganio of Kidapawan City. Subaldo was in the middle of a family reunion on a beach in Davao del Sur when the incident occurred.

Man Drowned Davao Beach

Just like any other beachgoer, the victim enjoyed himself swimming. However, the victim’s child saw her father, who appeared to be having a heart attack while swimming.

The victim could not be rescued because the water was too deep, according to the report. The victim was rushed to the hospital, but he died there.

Meanwhile, a 7-year-old girl was discovered dead in the Kabacan River in Cotabato. Araida was the victim’s name. The victim, according to authorities, bathed in the Kabacan river with her cousin while her parents were away on the farm.

Araida’s sudden disappearance in the river was noticed by her cousin. People rushed into the river without looking for the child. On Saturday, the victim’s parents discovered her body floating near where she had drowned. In accordance with Islamic tradition, the victim was buried right away.

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