Japanese Fugitive Charged with Robbery, Extortion Nabbed in Iloilo

Japanese Fugitive Arrested in Iloilo for Robbery, Extortion Charges

Police authorities arrested a Japanese fugitive who was charged with robbery, extortion, and other charges in Iloilo.

A Japanese national was arrested in Iloilo by Bureau of Immigration (BI) agents in connection with a pending case in Japan. According to the article, the Japanese suspect is Yohhei Yano, 43.

Japanese Fugitive Iloilo

Yano was apprehended in Guimbal Port, Iloilo, by members of the BI’s Fugitive Search Unit (FSU). According to BI Commissioner Norman Tansingco, the authorities in Tokyo, Japan, requested their assistance with Yano’s alleged involvement in the robbery, extortion, and telecommunication fraud.

He also stated that the BI is in possession of Yano’s arrest warrant issued by the Yokkachi court in Japan in August 2022. Yano will be deported, he added, because his stay in the country is also illegal after the Japanese government canceled his passport, based on the report.

According to BI-FSU chief Rendel Ryan Sy, Yano is also being investigated for his suspected involvement in the actions of a Japanese syndicate engaged in a telecom fraud scam in 2019. According to Sy, he is an undocumented alien because the Japanese authorities canceled his passport. Yano is being held at the BI facility in Taguig, Camp Bagong Diwa.

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