Cristy Fermin Reveals What Alex Gonzaga Did To Her Makeup Artist

Cristy Fermin talked about Alex Gonzaga in her recent YouTube show

Veteran showbiz writer Cristy Fermin revealed what actress Alex Gonzaga did to her makeup artist during the time when she was doing the show Juicy.

Cristy and Alex worked together in the said defunct TV5 showbiz-oriented show with DJ Mo Twister and IC Mendoza. For three years, they worked together and saw each other’s traits behind the camera.

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📷: Alex’s YT channel

In a recent Showbiz Now Na episode, the YouTube talk show of Cristy with Romel Chika and Wendell Alvarez. They talked about the recent controversy involving Alex Gonzaga. The veteran showbiz writer mentioned the comment that DJ Mo shared about Alex. The disc jockey said that the actress-vlogger was “stupid, drunk, and narcissist.”

Cristy Fermin agreed with what DJ Mo Twister said against Alex Gonzaga. The showbiz writer said that although she would attack Mo’s comments on certain issues, this time she will agree with him. She said that Alex would just respect the people she wants to respect. “Subjective ang kaniyang pagrespecto,” Cristy said.

Then, Cristy shared what she witnessed back when they were together in Juicy. Aside from being a latecomer, the showbiz writer also mentioned that Alex would always make her makeup artist kneel during their makeup sessions. The actress-vlogger would lie down and so her makeup artist had to kneel in order to reach her face.

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📷: Showbiz Now Na YT

Syempre, hirap din ang makeup artist kapag hindi diretso ang kaniyang ginagawa,” Cristy said adding that she talked to their executive producer when she can longer stand this scenario and asked permission to speak about this.

Ang sabi ko talaga, nandoon si Alex, na nakahiga na akala mo bangkay sa morge na mini-makeup-an ng kaniyang makeup artist, sabi ko, ‘ano ito, morge ba ito? Nakahiga ka diyan, hindi ka naaawa sa makeup artist mo na nakaluhod at inaabot ka? ‘” Cristy Fermin said, adding that she really requested to take away the teheras and things that Alex would use to lie down.

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