Manny Piñol: “Afford Iphone 14 Pro Max, pero binhi P30 gusto libre!”

Ex-Agriculture Sec Manny Piñol Slams People who Always Want Free Binhi

Ex-Agriculture Secretary Manny Piñol took a swipe against people who always want free binhi but can afford expensive things.

Piñol went on Facebook and took a jab at those who wanted things for free despite the fact that they could purchase them. According to his post, he ridiculed those who can purchase pricey smartphones like the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which costs P100,000 but insisting P30 banana seed be free.

“Paano aasenso mga Pilipino? Kaya bumili ng iPhone Pro Max P100k. Pero hbinhi ng Saging na P30 Gusto Libre! Kawawa ang farmer,” he wrote.

His statement stemmed after he was criticized for offering help to Olympic Gold Medalist Hidilyn Diaz for her farm. Based on his previous Facebook post, the Filipina weightlifter inquired about his banana seeds.

Manny Piñol Binhi

Hidilyn intended to cultivate Golden Mondo Saba and also experiment with farming onions, which are currently regarded as pricey in the country. During their conversation, Piñol offered Hidilyn aid in establishing her farm in Jalajala, Rizal.

Piñol stated that he wanted to assist Hidilyn because the athlete could effectively promote agriculture. However, several netizens were envious since Piol only provided his support to celebrities such as Hidilyn. Piñol defended himself against the complaints, stating that due to limited resources, he cannot aid everyone.

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