Vlogger Asking Free Accommodation at Resort in Tagaytay, Seenzoned by Management

Vlogger Receives Seen-Zone From Management After Asking Free Accommodation at Resort in Tagaytay

A vlogger asking for free accommodation at a certain resort in Tagaytay has been seen zoned by management.

A Facebook user named Botchi Santos working as a consultant for Escala Tagaytay has shared the message of a self-proclaimed influencer asking for free accommodation. The post garnered various reactions from the online community.

In the photo, the influencer with over 100k+ followers informed the management of Escala Tagaytay that he will visit the Philippines in February and March. The vlogger wants to collaborate with the resort.


The influencer offered to feature the resort via Facebook story, reel videos, and Instagram posts in exchange for a one-night stay in the hotel. They will promote the place to their 100,000 followers.

“Hello we are ——— we are an Instagram influencer with 100k+ followers, we are going to the Philippines next month (February and March) we are interested in collaborating with you. In exchange we will post a Story, a Reel video & a IG post during our Stay in the Hotel just like we did on our previous collaboration in exchange of a 1 night stay. Just let us know if its okay. Cheers,” the influencer said.

Eventually, Santos replied and apologized to the vlogger for the late response. He also mentioned that the influencer sent the message around midnight wherein the page administrators have to live their own personal lives.


Here is the full post:

Dear influencer with 100k+ followers

We apologize for the seen zone.

Unfortunately before we could come up with an appropriate response, (with the approval of the right person / manager who is different from the person manning our social media channels) you brushed us off really quickly.

We are sorry if our timeliness does not meet your expectations we did give you the option to call us with our working schedule & contact details if you felt it to be very urgent and could not wait

There is also the small matter of you messaging on a Sunday midnight. The people who decide decide on such requests have other obligations (READ: live their own private personal lives) as well on weekends

(PS Definitely not the RIGHT way to ask for something FREE)

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

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