Vice Ganda Touches Many Hearts When He Did This To A Blind Man

One charity after another, Vice Ganda makes many hearts touched because of these gestures.

VICE GANDA – Kapamilya superstar Vice Ganda makes many people feel touched and inspired after doing this to a blind man he met in church.

Kindness is something one should live up to, especially now. Life’s getting harder and being kind to people by giving them small happiness is already great of a deal. And spreading kindness on YouTube is Vice Ganda, who, through his vlogs, showed how much it means to him to do good to other people who are in need.

His “Gandara the Beksplorer” vlog is now in its second part and apart from the travel vlog, viewers also get to witness how charitable the superstar is. In the first part, he ate in a “karenderya” by the street. After eating, he interviewed the owner of the eatery ad unraveled her heartbreaking life story.

As a way of showing gratitude and sharing his blessings, he paid for everything she has cooked for that day and gave her cash. He also vowed to pay her Php 52,000.00 debt and sent her brand-new materials for her business.

They are on their way to Sagada and they are making that whole journey memorable.

And in the second part of the video, the superstar comedian was able to touch many hearts. His generous act towards a blind man has inspired many. He stopped beside the man and interviewed him. He made him talk about his life and his dreams for his family and children.

He sat with him and made every people who wants to take a photo with him donate an amount for the blind man before the snap. His friends also gave out cash donations and coming from his wallet was a bundle of hundreds directly put into his can.

Such generosity did not just make the blind man cry but also made a lot of people tear up. Kindness is really inspiring.

Watch the vlog below:


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