Tuesday Vargas Posts Selfie “Ngiti ng Laos” Amid Snubbing Issue

Tuesday Vargas Posts “Ngiti ng Laos” Selfie After Snubbing with Newbie Stars

Comedienne Tuesday Vargas posts a selfie on her Instagram stories with a caption that reads “ngiti ng laos” after snubbing issue.

Recently, Tuesday stirred buzz online after she shared her experience with some newbie artists at an event. The comedienne expressed her annoyance with young artists on Facebook after they allegedly ignored her at an event. 

Her previous statement claims that those young artists are snobbish and pretentious. She claimed that even though it wasn’t yet time for the young performers to take the stage, they were put into the schedule since the producers were short on time.

She added that she even tried to greet them but she was ignored. She even introduced herself to them and shook hands, but she was really disappointed as they rejected her. She shared that the handler ignored her and blocked her as if she was going to take pictures with them.

She revealed that the young artists are in a hurry because they have another show to attend. The seasoned performer stressed that they were paid for the event she was hosting.

It appears that Tuesday Vargas was criticized online by netizens. They are likely among the fans of the two aspiring athletes who are rumored to be romantically involved. Due to this, she uploads a picture on her Instagram stories with the caption “Ngiti ng laos.”

Tuesday Vargas Ngiti Laos

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