Robin Padilla Recalls Experience, Situation Inside Bilibid Prison

Robin Padilla Shares Situation Inside Bilibid Prison During His Days Inside

Senator Robin Padilla recalled his experience in the New Bilibid Prison (NBP) and the situation during his days inside.

In a call made on Thursday, November 10, Padilla requested that the regionalization process for the New Bilibid Prison be completed right away (NBP). In addition, it offers a practical defense against the drug cartels that control the region.

Robin Padilla Bilibid Prison

Padilla bemoans the overcrowding within prisons while the Department of Justice’s planned 2023 budget is being discussed in full. The lawmaker further emphasized that the NBP continues to be a haven for criminals.

“Isa po itong kongkretong solusyon sa problema unang-una, ng sobrang population ng bilanggo sa NBP. Dapat diyan ay nasa 5,000 lang yata o 4,000. Noong panahon namin, nasa 12,000 kami diyan,” said Padilla, who was also an inmate of Bilibid.

Recall that the Senator was granted a conditional pardon by former President Fidel Ramos after being found guilty in 1994 of illegally possessing guns. Based on the report, Padilla received a complete pardon from former president Rodrigo Duterte in 2016.

Additionally, he recalled the past and claimed that the gangs at Bilibid were principled and disciplined before the drug lords arrived, but they changed. As a result, it is claimed that regionalizing the NBP will greatly contribute to improving offenders’ chances of rehabilitation and bringing them closer to their families.

“Pero nang nagdatingan diyan ang mga drug lords, doon na po nagkagulo-gulo. Nawala na po ang tinatawag naming batas sa loob ng kulungan,” he said.

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