Father, Son Stabbed by Stepson who Lose in a Birthday Game

Father Died, Son Injured after Stabbed by Stepson who Lose in a Game

A father allegedly died while his son is injured when his stepson stabbed them for losing a game during a birthday party.

A father died and his son suffered critical injuries at the end of a birthday party tragedy. This came about as a result of his stepson stabbing him after he lost an arm wrestling match in the town of Rizal. While his kid, 15, was being observed at the hospital, the dead was identified as Roel Fabro, 46.

Father Stabbed by Stepson

The culprit, Ramon Isabela, 27, a native of San Antonio, is wanted by the police and has been identified as Jeffrey Pusilero. The father and the suspect attended a birthday party in the vicinity prior to the crime, according to the Santiago City Police Office (SCPO) Station 2 report.

Young Fabro challenged his older brother to an arm wrestle while he was intoxicated, but the older brother lost three times and was mocked as a result. The suspect challenged the younger brother to a duel after becoming enraged. When the elderly Fabro noticed that his stepson was attempting to punch the son, he immediately stopped him.

Instead of paying attention to his father, Pusilero became enraged, pulled a knife out of his pocket, and fatally stabbed the stepfather multiple times, based on the report. The suspect then pursued his brother, stabbed him in the body, and fled the scene quickly.

To receive medical attention for his wounds, young Fabro was rushed to the hospital. Gigi Domingo, the suspect’s mother, urged him to turn himself in and accept responsibility for the murder. Domingo, on the other side, said that because the suspect had stolen the victim’s pet pigeons, the son and father had a dispute as well.

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