Jed Madela on his Extra Duty When Performing in Christmas Shows

Jed Madela understands his assignment as a performer

Kapamilya singer Jed Madela shared that he knows his extra duty when it comes to performing in Christmas shows.

Jed has one of the most powerful voices in the music industry now, especially in the selection of male singers in the country. He can do “birit” notes which is not so common in male singers.

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Over the years, Jed has already presented remarkable performances in the Philippines and abroad. For the holiday season, the singer shared that he has to do extra duty, based on the article in Bandera.

“It’s like on my end as a performer, as a singer, it is my job to set the mood for the entire theme of the event,” Jed Madela said during a recent interview after he did the grand Christmas tree lighting show with the Philippine Madrigal Singers at the Shangri-la Plaza Mall.

When setting his own mood for this holiday season, the singer said that it would always be the album of the Carpenters. “Whenever the ‘ber’ months are coming, I always take out the Christmas album of the Carpenters. So it’s not just one song, it’s the entire album of the Carpenters,” Jed enthused.

The singer specifically mentioned the song Merry Christmas Darling by Caren Carpenter because of its intro “greeting cards have all been sent, the Christmas rush is through,” and for him, this is something that would make him feel that it is really that time of the year.

Jed also shared that he has been listening to this song since he was young and living in Iloilo. The singer said that it has a nostalgic effect on him. When it comes to performing on stage this time of the year, Jed Madela has his set of staple Christmas songs such as “A Perfect Christmas” and “Christmas in Our Hearts” by Jose Mari Chan.

He added that people have always been requesting the song “Sana Ngayong Pasko” by Ariel Rivera.

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