Netizens Disappointed with the Spiderman Costume of Ricci Rivero

Ricci Rivero Earns Disappointment from Netizens Over Spiderman Costume

Netizens express disappointment to the basketball player Ricci Rivero over his Spiderman costume during Halloween.

The basketball player recently uploaded a video of himself and Andrea Brillantes, a Kapamilya actress who is his girlfriend. Ricci participated in the much-anticipated celebrity Halloween costume contest by dressing as “Spider-Man.”

Ricci Rivero Spiderman

On the other side, his girlfriend also wore a female Spiderman costume. It appears, though, that the internet community’s “expectations” were unfulfilled by the Halloween costume he wore last year.

According to the comment section, internet users are dissatisfied since they claim Ricci didn’t provide a “subtitle.” His girlfriend Blythe may be seen grinning at his outfit at the conclusion of TikTok.

@riccipaolorivero Taiwan Halloween! 🕷 #halloween #fyp ♬ The Avengers Theme – Movie Sounds Unlimited

Here are the comments of netizens to the video:

“parang disappointed ako. char!😂”

“Boring bhie bawi tayo next life hahahahahaha.”

“Unsatisfied customer.”

“the best yung kay Ronnie Alonte.”

It will be recalled that internet users discussed Ronnie Alonte’s Spider-Man outfit. Internet users called attention to the “umbok” in his disguise, about which his real-life partner Loisa Andalio had already informed the Marites’ “critical eyes.”

This Monday night, celebrity couple Loisa Andalio and Ronnie Alonte will be dressed as superheroes for Halloween. Black Widow and Spiderman, respectively, are the themes of the two costumes in Loisa’s social media posts about Halloween this year.

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