Joel Lamangan Share He’s Making Martial Film “Oras de Peligro”

Joel Lamangan Shares the Last 4 Days Before EDSA in His New Film ‘Oras de Peligro’

Veteran director Joel Lamangan to release the Oras de Peligro, a film that tells about the last 4 days before the EDSA revolution.

Director Joel Lamangan revealed that the title of his film is “Maid in Malacaang,” which he previously claimed he will be referencing. He revealed at a press conference that the movie “Oras de Peligro” is about the final four days leading up to the launch of the EDSA People Power Revolution on February 22, 1986.

Lamangan claims that a poor family who witnessed the people’s overthrow of the Marcos family via EDSA will be featured in the film. One of the convenors of the 1Sambayan group, Bagong Siklab Productions, will produce the film.

Cherie Picache, Allan Dizon, and Mae Paner, also known as “Juana Change,” will all appear in the film, according to Lamangan. Joel added that his movie would just present the historical facts.

They intend to release the film in February of the following year, which also happens to be EDSA’s anniversary. Even though this is what Lamangan has been claiming in prior press conferences, he has denied that he “answered” the aforementioned movie to Maid in Malacañang.

“Hindi po ito sagot sa Maid In Malacanang. Wala po akong intensyon na sagutin ang Maid in Malacanang. Ito po ay pelikula na nangyari nung 1986, nung apat na araw ng Pebrero 1986 bago ang rebolusyon sa Edsa,” he said.

“Gusto ko lang sabihin na ang purpose sa paggawa nitong Oras de Peligroay hindi para sagutin ang kung anuman. Bahala sila sa iisipin nila, kung yun ang gusto nilang isipin,” he added.

He added that his movie has nothing negative to say about the current administration. He insisted that he was not disparaging the previous administration in any way. It’s also not about “red” or “yellow” or any other political hue.

“Itong pelikulang ito ay hindi nagsasabi ng kung anumang masama laban sa kasalukuyang administrasyon—walang ganun. Hindi ito nagsasabi ng anumang sama ng nakaraang administrasyon—wala” said the seasoned director.

” Ako, rainbow. Rainbow ang kulay ko!” Lamangan added.

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