Security Guard Bursts Into Tears After Receiving Unexpected Surprise From Partner

Video of Security Guard Getting Emotional After Receiving Unexpected Surprise From Partner

A security guard gets emotional and bursts into tears after receiving an unexpected surprise from his partner on his birthday.

The Facebook page “Lihog Calinog” has shared video footage of a security guard who gets emotional and cried after receiving a surprise from his partner. The video earned praise and admiration from the online community.

In the video, it can be seen that employees of Calinog-based errand services provider are searching for a certain Jemer Pastolero. The personnel found out that the guard is the one they were looking for.

Security Guard

The workers pranked the security guard and told him that he needs to pay for the laptop worth P32,000 he allegedly ‘ordered’ online. The company employees also show proof and evidence.

The transaction leaves the security guard confused. Eventually, the workers decided to reveal that it was a prank and surprised him with a “Happy Birthday”.

The unexpected surprise makes Pastolero emotional and eventually cried tears of joy after learning that it was her partner’s idea. He also strikes a pose in front of the camera while listening to his partner’s heartwarming message.

Security Guard Security Guard

Jemer is working as a security guard at Palawan Pawnshop in Poblacion Ilawod Calinog. The pawnshop employees nearly believe the prank. The car surprise delivery becomes successful, which makes Pastolero’s birthday special.

The latter received a dedication cake, family pan spaghetti, three boxes of Micahlicious Pizza and a money bouquet worth P1,000.

Security Guard

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