Zeinab Harake Releases Vlog, Answers Questions

Here’s a new video from Zeinab Harake days after the issue emerged.

ZEINAB HARAKE – Famous vlogger Zeinab Harake uploads a new video on YouTube amid the issues and controversies about her.

Wilbert Tolentino and Zeinab Harake, who used to be really closed, have become the subject of speculations and rumors this week. Over the weekend, Tolentino’s revelations about the female vlogger made a loud buzz online.

Her nasty words about the marketability of several vloggers were exposed. But later on, she expressed her apologies to each of them.

And just recently, amid the controversy, she released a new video on her channel. It seems like this video was shot before all the issues came out online. In the video, she talked to the 9-year-old Zebby by answering some questions from her followers and fans.

Among the questions asked are about her happiness, personal feelings, family, and among other things in her personal life. She was asked about the things that are making her happy before and now.

Deserve mo ba lahat yan?” one question from her supporters asked her.

She’s uncertain if she really deserves all the things she is experiencing but she believes that those are the things that made her human. While there are these unpleasant things, there are also some good things that she believes she deserves.

“Pagdating naman sa career o kung nasan ka man ngayon, deserve mo ‘yun,” she said with firmness.

Watch the full vlog below:

Meanwhile, in a previous article, in the middle of all the negative things that have happened, Zeinab apologized to herself as well. “Kailangan kong humingi ng tawad sa lahat at lalong lalo sa sarili ko patawad. Nilalamon ako ng sakit galit pero alam kong mali yun.” 

Her takeaway from this is the lesson she learned.


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  1. Kaya pala di kita type n person gaya nila ms Ivana and others. Ni isang vedio mo diko pa napanood not interested never 👎 minsan lng napanood kita kasi dahil ky ms ivana at followers kasi niako kya kita napanood


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