Teachers’ Group Slams ‘Whitewashing’ of Martial Law in Modules

Teachers’ Group Decries ‘Whitewashing’ of Martial Law Era in Modules

The alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT) party-list slammed the alleged ‘whitewashing’ of the Martial Law era in learning modules.

The school module that claimed that martial law represents a phase of a new society frightened the ACT. Whether or not they are used in the Social Studies topic, educational modules must contain “facts,” according to ACT Teachers Party-list Rep. France Castro.

“When I researched and when I asked some senior high school teachers here, and even the head teacher in AP (Social Studies), she confirmed that this module is based on (Humanities and Social Sciences strand), part of the literature,” said Castro in a statement.

“Kahit na ito ay literature, dapat factual pa rin ang lalabas dito. At sa pagtuturo ng teachers, kung hindi siya magiging very critical at not aware of during the martial law times to, talagang mami-misinform niya yung ating mga estudyante during that time at hindi na mababanggit halimbawa yung different atrocities that happened during those times,” he added.

Martial Law Whitewashing Modules

Castro emphasized that even if you refer to the poems and newspapers from the time, you need still consider what actually occurred while martial law was in effect. Even if it is said to be a New Society at the time, economic components may also be noticed, therefore the teacher should explain to the New Society that its defining characteristics include repression, martial law, whatever, and an economic downturn, he continued.

Castro also disclosed that their party list is preparing to review both books and the many modules utilized in junior high school and senior high school. Hey said that in order to combat disinformation, they submitted a proposal urging the reinstatement of the Philippine History course at the high school level.

They also want to write a module about the actual events of martial law. You may recall that the Department of Education (DepEd) last week disputed claims that it planned to “rebrand” the teaching of martial law as “New Society” in the core curriculum.

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