Idiom Examples: List of Idiomatic Expressions Samples & their Meanings

IDIOM EXAMPLES – Here is a list of the examples of idiomatic expressions in English and their actual meanings.

In the English language, there are lines that don’t actually mean in a literal way thus it is important to know their meanings to spot when they are being used by another person. Knowing these betters the understanding between two (2) people who are talking.


Guide on the Meaning & Examples of Idiomatic Expressions or Idioms

IDIOMS / IDIOMATIC EXPRESSIONS – Here are the meaning and the examples of idiomatic expressions in English.

From kindergarten to college, we will learn a lot from the English subject. The lessons are taught arranged in every year levels based on their complexity.

Most simple lessons that will serve as foundation in learning the more complex lessons under the subject are taught in the elementary level. Harder and more complicated ones are reserve for high school.

One of the lessons taught in high school are the idiomatic expressions or more commonly known as idioms.

In this article, we will learn about these expressions in English.

Idioms Idiomatic Expressions

Idiomatic expressions or idioms are word combinations which convey a different meaning apart from their literal meanings. For example, the idiom is “raining cats and dogs”. It means it is raining very hard.

So when someone would say that it is raining cats and dogs, it does not mean that it is actually raining animals. It means that there is a strong downpour of the rain.

Here are other examples of idioms and their meanings:

  • As easy as ABC – Something is very easy
  • Cool as a cucumber – To be very calm under stress
  • Down to the wire – At the last minute
  • Get your act together – Behave properly
  • Have second thoughts – Have doubts
  • Miss the boat – You missed your chance
  • Piece of cake – Something very easy
  • Cry crocodile tears – To pretend to be upset
  • Hold your horses – Wait a minute
  • Fish out of water – Being somewhere you don’t belong
  • Make a mountain out of a molehill – Make something unimportant into a big deal
  • Teacher’s pet – The teacher’s favorite student
  • The world is your oyster – You can achieve whatever/go wherever you want
  • When pigs fly – To say something is impossible
  • You can’t teach an old dog new tricks – It’s harder for older people to learn new things

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