Robin Appealed to Give Badjaos Livelihood Aid to Stop Begging

Robin Padilla Urges Gov’t to Give Badjaos Livelihood Aid to Stop Yearly Begging

Senator Robin Padilla appealed to the government to give livelihood aid to indigenous people such as Badjaos to stop their yearly begging.

Senator Robinhood Padilla made a plea for assistance for Badjaos during the Senate committee hearing on the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) budget for 2023. Every time the holiday season arrives, IPs return to “mamalimos” in Metro Manila.

Robin Badjaos Livelihood

Priority should be given to indigenous people in livelihood aid by the DSWD and the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples in order to end their yearly begging (NCIP). Sen. Robin Padilla made this request to the representatives of the two agencies on Wednesday, based on the article of Manila Bulletin.

The chairman of the Senate Committee on Cultural Communities and Muslim Affairs, Padilla, has stated that he is willing to work with the two organizations to support the indigenous people. He claimed that this program will also assist Badjaos in keeping them safe from harm caused by their habit of beggaring on busy Manila streets.

“Tuwing dadating ang Kapaskuhan, nakikita po natin ang ating mga katutubo sa iba’t ibang kalsada kasama ang kanilang mga anak lalo ang mga kapatid kong Badjao… Kukunin sila, tapos ibabalik sa lugar nila, babalik din sila dito,” said Padilla.

“Meron pong mga programa ang DSWD tulad ng livelihood program. Ito ang sa akin lang mapaglarong isip. Pwede po kaya na turuan na lang sila kung paano mamasko nang hindi delikado, parang gawin ba nating livelihood yan? ” he added.

In Padilla’s opinion, it is “extremely sad to observe” that the locals who visit Manila for Christmas every year dress like beggars because they are the “real owners of the Philippines” and the “royal blood” of the nation.

Answer from DSWD Sec. The indigenous can earn money when they return home thanks to programs like Balik Probinsya and Kalahi-CIDSS, which should be completed this year in order to prevent them from returning the following year.

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