Barbie Imperial Surprises “Admirer” Anthony Leodones

Here’s the fun vlog of Barbie Imperial with content creators Anthony and Jamie.

BARBIE IMPERIAL – Anthony Leodones is a famous vlogger and just recently, he gets to create a video with Barbie Imperial.

Anthony Leodones and Jamie Bautista are a real-life couple. And among the contents they created that went viral are those that have Barbie Imperial on them. Anthony is a fan of the Kapamilya actress and on their social pages, they have created these videos where he tries to annoy his girlfriend through edited photos with the actress.

He got a big crush on her.

It became a hit series of pranks and naughty content or videos. Their viral videos reached Barbie. Those videos caught her attention and sparked more “wars” and crazy antics as seen in their videos.

The videos are funny and to have the actress get herself directly involved by sharing and commenting on their posts made the whole thing even more entertaining and interesting.

And now, after some months of planning, their collaboration finally happened. In the recent vlog of Barbie, she went to their house to pay them a visit. She is visibly excited to bond with them and to make the content. It seems like she is also a fan of the couple.

In the video, they did nothing but do funny antics. Barbie and Anthony did this handcuff challenge and had Jamie all the time beside them while they were handcuffed. They did everything while their hands are linked together like while eating, playing computer games, and other.

The humor and jokes of the two were “bentang-benta” to the actress. She was clearly so fond of the two content creators.

Barbie admires their relationship. They are together for eight years now and she wanted something like for herself as well.

Check it out here:

Meanwhile, Anthony and Jamie started their career online by creating videos for vines, Tiktok, YouTube, Facebook, and many other platforms.


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