Literary Elements Of Poetry and Their Meaning

LITERARY ELEMENTS OF POETRY – Poetry is composed of various elements and here are its literary elements including the meaning.

Making poetry is like making your emotions and feeling into art through the use of words. But if you think poetry is like writing in freestyle, think again. There are some elements you must consider first and here are the elements.

Elements Of Poetry – What Are The Different Elements Of Poetry?

What Are The Elements Of Poetry? (Answer)

POETRY – In this article, we are going to answer the question “What Are the Elements of Poetry?”.

Before we go into what exactly the elements of a good poem are, we need to define what a poem is. However, there are several nuances we must take note of when trying to identify a poem.

Elements Of Poetry – What Are The Different Elements Of Poetry?

For example, a piece of a song lyric may be called a poem, and prose just as much. Luckily, we have elements of poetry that we can look back on.

These elements are as follows:

  • Images – The mental pictures the poet portrays to the use of his/her language.
  • Diction/form – The specific selection of words and their arrangement
  • Cadence – A rythmic shift in the inflection of sounds from the words being spoken.
  • Couplet  – Two lines of verse that rhyme at the end and are thought as one unit
  • Meter – A rythm continously repeating a basic pattern
  • Ryhme – Words ending with similar sounds
  • Rythm – A pattern created with sounds
  • Stanza – Part of the poem wth similar rythm and rhym usually repeating in the later parts of the poem.
  • Verse – A line of a poem, or a group of lines within a long poem.

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