Korina Sanchez On Talking To “Walanghiya” People

Korina Sanchez knows how to deal with different people

Seasoned journalist Korina Sanchez said that this is how she would talk to people who are “walanghiya.”

Korina has encountered different kinds of people as this is part of her job. Being a journalist, she has interviewed a lot of people also. With the advent of social media, Korina has been having encounters as well with netizens.

korina sanchez
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With this, it is inevitable that not all the comments she receives are from her fans. Korina has encountered bashing also because she does not mind having fewer followers as she shares her fearless opinions.

In dealing with bashers, Korina Sanchez said in an interview, based on the article in Bandera, that she is just choosing what issue to answer and once she answers a certain issue, it is sure that she will not let that go.

“Kasi may mga bagay na alam mo yung walang kakuwenta-kuwenta, na gusto lang talagang magpakanega ng isang tao tungkol sa itsura mo, yung damit mo, ang pangit mo or whatever, kung anuman yung gusto nilang sabihin,” she said.

Korina also shared that after she talked to former Senator Ping Lacson about making bashers pay for what they do, she got less bashing.

She stressed that she will not retreat in dealing with those who spread fake news. Korina also said that she knows how to talk with different kinds of people. To kids, she would talk to them like a kid and she would adjust how she talks depending on the person.

When Korina is in the States, her English accent also adjusts. She would also talk with dignity when she talks to prominent people in society. However, when it comes to shameful people, she would use their language as well.

Alam mo kapag ang kausap mo ang mga walanghiya, kailangan medyo walanghiya ka rin. I don’t mean to offend but I will just speak the truth because it is the language that they understand,” the seasoned journalist said.

With this response, Korina shared that those people would stop, and sometimes she would receive an apology from them.

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