Mother Arrested for Selling Own Child in Iloilo City

Police Arrest a Mother in Iloilo City for Selling Her Own Child

Police authorities arrested a mother along with her partner for allegedly selling her own child in Iloilo City.

A 29-year-old woman was detained by the Criminal Investigation Detection Group-Iloilo (CIDG-ILOILO) after she and her accomplice were discovered selling her own kid in Iloilo City. The CIDG has reportedly been keeping an eye on a 53-year-old lady who is allegedly buying and selling infants.

In an interview, Major Jess P. Baylon, the head of the CIDG in Iloilo City, stated that their office had received a directive from their national headquarters to carry out a careful investigation and information gathering on the accuracy of the intelligence information regarding the widespread selling of infants here a few months ago.

Mother Selling Child Iloilo

Ana M. Agustin, 53, and Edelyn De Pedro Pendon, 29, both inhabitants of Barangay Boulevard in the Molo area, were named by Baylon as the people nabbed in the entrapment. An undercover agent posed as a buyer pretending to purchase a baby for P40,000 in an entrapment operation.

According to the report, P15,000 of the funds were sent to Agustin and the remaining P50,000 went to Pendon, the child’s mother. The mother who sold her own child was apprehended here after a money transaction at Barangay Boulevard, Molo, Iloilo.

The kid was only five days old, according to the authorities. Police said Agustin works with people who buy and sell children while also assisting women in ending their pregnancies.

Both individuals insisted that this was their first time performing the illegal activity. Agustin stated that she merely wished to assist Pendon, who claimed that she had sold her child out of necessity. The infant is Pendon’s sixth child with her spouse, who she claims is unaware of the transaction.

While an inquest for the two suspects is taking place at the City Prosecutor’s Office, the rescued infant is currently being cared for by the City Social Welfare and Development Office (CSWDO). They shall be held accountable for breaking both RA 9208, the 2003 Trafficking in Persons Act, and RA 7610, the Child Abuse Law.

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