Kat Alano On Bashers Due To Her “Justice”: ‘Truth lang ang meron ako’

Kat Alano has this answer to the recent bashing that she received

TV host/VJ Kat Alano received bashing after she posted getting “justice” after 17 years on September 19, the same day when the arrest warrant against It’s Showtime host Vhong Navarro was issued.

To recall, back in 2020, Kat shared a post about a celebrity whose name “rhymes with wrong” who abused her but still he was still able to get away from it.

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Kat said that she’s happy and that she feels at peace because of the recent “justice” she has witnessed. The TV host/VJ received support from award-winning actress Alessandra de Rossi. There are several netizens who also rallied behind Kat.

However, there were also a lot who shared their harsh comments against her. Some believed that she is just doing this to be noticed while some accused her of getting money from this.

Amid the bashing that she received, Kat Alano is still standing firm because she said that she is telling the truth. In her recent tweets, the TV host/VJ had these striking words to her bashers.

She said that there are a lot of people who got angry at her and even called her “binayaran, laos, and sawsawera.” “8 years na ako nagsasalita. Puro bashing lang ang natanggap ko. Sa tingin niyo worth it magsalita para inaabuso ako ng mga fans niya? Sa tingin niyo lalaban talaga ang ibang victims pag nakita nila ugali niyo!” Kat stressed.

She added that the fact that many bashers that say harsh words to her are women, makes her even sadder. “Hindi niyo naiisip ang mga kapwa niyong babae? Akala niyo madali to?” the TV host/VJ.

Kat Alano stressed that she has no media company, she has no team, and she is not being paid to speak. “Truth lang ang meron ako. Alam ko galit kayo, pero magisip din kayo,” she said.

kat alano tweet

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