Karla Estrada’s “Back to School” Photos Goes Viral

Karla Estrada Inspires Netizens W/ Her “Back To School” Photos

KARLA ESTRADA – Actress-singer Karla Estrada recently shared some of her “back to school” photos on her IG account.

They say there is a cost to fame. Yes, celebrities get to enjoy the fame and glitz that come with show business, but they frequently have to make sacrifices in order to do so.

In addition to maintaining their privacy, many celebrities, particularly young ones, frequently put aside their education in order to concentrate on their careers. It’s no secret that filming and taping take a lot of time; some even go into the early morning hours.

Photo Source: @karlaestrada1121 IG

Therefore, balancing a career and study will be quite challenging, especially if you also have obligations at home or a family to support. Some stars decide to put off their education so they can take advantage of the opportunities that come their way.

While others are forced to put their careers over their education because they are the family’s primary provider. The good news is that there is no specific deadline for studying, so celebs can always take up where they left off. Just recently, actress-singer Karla Estrada proved that education has no age limit.

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Photo Source: @karlaestrada1121 IG

In a post on her Instagram account last September 21, Karla Estrada shared some photos showing the start of her “back to school” journey. Her pics instantly went viral on social media.

It can be noticed that the celebrity mom also mentioned the name of her school, which is the Philippine Christian University (PCU). It came with a caption, “And the Journey begins. Where’s the canteeeeen????”

Lots of netizens reacted to Karla Estrada’s post and congratulated her for taking on such an admirable journey. Here are some of their comments on the post:

@jedmegancarly2012: “Way to go Ms Karla. I can see you making lots of friends. Can’t wait to see you achieve your goal. God bless you and More power”

@loretacarmen1: “God bless Momshie Karla…All the best for you!”

@thisissimonpeter: “Sup, Tita @karlaestrada1121 ! Good luck on your new journey. God bless you more and more!”

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