Azurin Wants VP Sara to Clarify ‘No Mercy’ Order vs Criminals

PNP Chief Azurin Wants to Meet with VP Sara Over ‘No Mercy’ Call to Criminals

The Philippine National Police (PNP) chief General Rodolfo Azurin wanted to meet with Vice President Sara Duterte-Carpio regarding the ‘no mercy’ order against criminals.

In an interview, the PNP director expressed a desire to meet with the Vice President to talk about the anti-crime initiative. Azurin wanted to discuss a number of topics, including Duterte’s directive to show “no mercy” to people who have malicious intentions.

Azurin Sara No Mercy

He claims that because “no mercy” can be taken in many different contexts he wants to make it clear what Duterte actually means by it. This comes after the vice president said that law enforcement should treat all criminals in the nation with “No Mercy.”

“Alam mo yung no mercy to criminals maraming konteksto kasi yan. Puwede naman na no mercy to criminals, hulihin natin, ipakulong natin. That’s part of the no mercy to criminal,” said Azurin.

“Definitely I have plans to see our Vice President. Whether she is the OIC or not. Kasi naging busy lamang po ako sa nagdaang mga araw,” he added.

Azurin claims that he does not perceive any contradiction between Vice President Duterte’s statement and the enforcement of the police law. He claimed that the statement could be seen as an effort to apprehend criminals and hold them legally liable.

Azurin first fought for the “rule of law” so that criminals wouldn’t have to perish throughout each police operation. Azurin repeated his stance that they will only uphold the fundamental laws of the PNP.

“Hindi naman ibig sabihin ay we go to the extent of yung mga insinuations nung iba. So sabi ko nga is those are subject to interpretations kaya ang sa atin very basic lang tayo, rule of law,” he said.

You may recall that Azurin declared in a statement that elicited a variety of responses that they have no desire to instill dread in the hearts of the wicked. He was condemned by a number of people, particularly those who supported the previous administration, for his supposed handling of offenders.

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