Jam Magno Slams PNP Chief Azurin: You are making PNP a joke”

Jam Magno Criticized PNP Chief Azurin Over His Alleged Treatment to Criminals

Social media personality Jam Magno criticized the Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Gen Rodolfo Azurin for her statement against criminals.

Magno couldn’t help herself and expressed her disapproval of the new PNP Chief’s remarks on how to deal with criminals. PNP chief Azurin criticized the tactic of making criminals or the evil-minded fearful in the aforementioned statement.

Jam Magno PNP Chief

Magno reminded the PNP head in her statement that their job is to battle the bad guys, not to look after them. She emphasized that Azurin is giving the PNP a bad reputation to the public.

“You are making the PNP look like a joke. And God knows your image needs a lift!” Magno said.

It holds that a leader who is cowardly in the face of criminals reduces the morale of the police. Magno added that the police should be strengthened by serving as a model for the kind of force that the Philippines needs right now—one that criminal groups should dread.

Azurin hasn’t responded to the comments he’s been getting on social media as of yet. Sen. Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa, a former head of the Philippine National Police, has praised the current police chief’s leadership style.

“Giving a pep talk to the Chief, PNP inside the Malacañang grounds. Our methods and approaches may differ but we share the same objective that is to make the Philippines a safe place to live for everyone. God bless you Chief!” said Dela Rosa.

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