MJ Quiambao Reacts to New PNP Chief Treatment to Criminals

MJ Quiambao Chides Suggestion of New PNP Chief on Treatment of Criminals

Pro-Duterte blogger MJ Quiambao Reyes reacts to the suggestion of the new Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Gen. Rodolfo Azurin about his treatment to criminals.

It appears that a well-known Duterte supporter did not agree with Azurin’s position opposing the death penalty for the wicked. Because, in Azurin’s opinion, it is preferable to confine the evil individuals to a cell than for the PNP to sow fear.

MJ Quiambao PNP Chief

In her Facebook post, Reyes claimed in his post that Azurin would be a better choice to lead the CHR than the PNP. As the previous administration did, Quiambao implores the new PNP chief to frighten or psychologically attack criminals.

“Is it just me or para talagang mas bagay siya as CHR Chair kapalit ni Chito Gascon,” said Reyes.

“Sir, your mandate is to make this place safe for us law abiding citizens. At kung kinakailangang takutin o psy-war nyo ang mga kriminal tulad ng ginawa ng nakaraang admin, please do so,” she added.

Reyes asks Azurin to continue the work that the previous government began. She highlighted that the country’s population must not return to the days when law-abiding people were terrified to go down the street because junkies and criminals were on the streets.

“Wag nyo naman po sanang hayaang bumalik tayo muli sa panahong kung saan kaming mga matitinong mamamayan ang takot maglakad sa kalye at silang mga kriminal at adik ang mamayagpag na naman sa lansangan,” Reyes appealed

President Bongbong Marcos Jr. has appointed Azurin as the first PNP chief in his term. It should be recalled that several people passed away left and right in the middle of Azurin’s administration.

Sen remarked in the midst of the PNP’s current commander’s leadership. The police lack courage, according to Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa, and it appears like the bad guys are making a comeback. Dela Rosa asked the PNP to pursue criminals aggressively.

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  1. Tama po na mahina talaga ang bagong chief PNP pati mga ka mistah nya itinapon sa malayong lugar , ung snd n 3rd higher pnp position.


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