President Marcos Confident Juan Ponce Enrile Won’t Betray Him

President Marcos Sees No Reason For Juan Ponce Enrile to Betray Him

President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr said he sees no reason for former senator Juan Ponce Enrile to betray him.

Despite the fact that Enrile is thought to have assisted in the ouster of his father during the People Power Revolution in 1986, PBBM claims he has no animosity toward the former senator. Enrile served as Ferdinand Marcos Sr’s defense minister at the time.

President Marcos Enrile Betray

Now, Marcos Jr. appointed him to serve as his legal advisor. President Marcos Jr. stated in an exclusive interview with Toni this Tuesday that he sees no reason not to trust Enrile.

“Why do you trust him?” Tony asked. “I don’t see any reason for him to betray me. The time is too different for us to be able to say na babalik siya sa ganun,” said PBBM.

“Time of life na din niya… I guess he just wants to keep working, watching it from my side,” he added.

Enrile, according to Marcos Jr., was chosen as his legal advisor because of his skill, not because he has a vengeance against him. He said that he choose Enrile as he is one of the three best lawyers he knows in the Philippines.

“He’s one of the three best lawyers that I know in the Philippines… He certainly fits the bill… We are happy to be with and work with one another…” said the chief executive.

He also said that he and Enrile often talked about what happened in 1986.

“We have talked about it so often and for me, it didn’t seem to be an attack on my father… He (Enrile) did not treat me like that. I think he felt that he was really defending the country in some way,” he said.

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