Senator Dela Rosa Urges PNP to be ‘Aggressive’ Against Criminals

Senator Dela Rosa Lectures PNP to Be Aggressive Amid Rampant Criminality

Senator Ronald ‘Bato’ Dela Rosa urges the Philippine National Police (PNP) to be aggressive against criminals.

Former PNP chief Dela Rosa urged police officers and other government organizations to prosecute offenders harshly in light of what appears to be an increase in crime. The Senator made the statement in response to reports of young women being kidnapped around the nation.

“Kung nand’yan lang ako kahit na in any capacity na pwede kong gampanan. Tama ’yung sinabi ni Inday Sara, ‘Show no mercy to these criminals and terrorists.’ Kasi kung hindi mo sila takutin, tayo ang tatakutin niyong mga gago na ito. Kaya tama lang na dapat unahan natin sila, takutin natin sila para hindi na gagawa ng katarantaduhan,” he said.

“Agresibo. Upak nang upak. Hindi ’yung maghintay sila na ’yung sila ang upakan, o ’yung mga sibilyan ang upakan. Upakan na nila ’yung mga kriminal. ’Yung mga sindikato na ’yan … Upakan ninyo, PNP. Huwag kayong maghintay na makapanakot ng tao yung mga ito.”

Dela Rosa PNP Aggressive

Dela Rosa reminded the PNP that it has an extensive intelligence capabilities to determine who these people are. The senator swiftly clarified that he means taking criminals out with “legal police operations,” based on the report.

He claimed that such force is essential in light of the apparent mentality that lawbreakers these days exhibit, who commit their crimes repeatedly and even in broad daylight. The senator thinks that because the nation now has a new leader, crime is once again on the rise.

“Feeling kwan sila eh. Forgive me for my conclusion … Feeling invincible again sila with the exit of President Duterte from Malacañang … They are testing the waters. Pwede pala … Pwede. Again, tira tayo … Walang problema. Tira na naman. Hanggang sa aabot ang punto na hindi na mako-control natin ang peace and order situation, which I hope will not happen,” Dela Rosa said.

Dela Rosa told the public that he will begin an investigation into these kidnappings as soon as a resolution on them has been referred to the Senate committee on public order and hazardous substances.

His first move is to seek formal reports from the PNP. Only if the PNP backed the incumbent President, who should publicly announce a vigorous campaign against them, will criminals be terrified of the PNP, according to Dela Rosa.

“Kulang sa asim. Kulang sa arrive ang kapulisan ngayon … Kasi kung talagang may drive, dapat takot ang kriminal gumawa ng criminal activities … They were the same people who worked under me. So they have the idea what it is to be angas, what it is to be siga,” Dela Rosa said.

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