Prepositional Phrase – What Is A Prepositional Phrase?

A better understanding of a prepositional phrase and some examples.

PREPOSITIONAL PHRASE – This is the definition of a prepositional phrase and some examples for better understanding.

A preposition is the words we use to connect like above, about, below, for, from, in, inside, into, of, to, until, and with and a prepositional phrase is a group of words made up of a preposition, its object, and any words modifying the object. In most cases, it modifies a verb or a noun.

Prepositional Phrase

Here are some sample sentences containing a preposition:

  • The meeting is on Saturday.
  • The cat on the table is called Kirby.
  • The bell will ring at 7 o’clock.

Here’s a list of some other prepositions:

  • above, about, across, against, along, among, around, at, before, behind, below, beneath, beside, between, beyond, by, down, during, except, for, from, in, inside, into, like, near, of, off, on, since, to, toward, through, under, until, up, upon, with, within

Now that you know what a preposition is, let’s go to prepositional phrases.

There are two types and these two types are adverb prepositional and adjective prepositional.

The adverbial or adverb prepositional modifies a verb.


  1. We can meet near the stadium.
  2. She narrated with notable enthusiasm.
  3. Before the pandemic, I run regularly in the field.
  4. She cheered for her boyfriend with love and excitement.
  5. Mark looked behind his brother.

The adjective prepositional modifies a noun.


  1. I know the policeman with the radio.
  2. That boy in the corner is acting strange.
  3. The man on the beach has a sad face.
  4. The dog in the clinic looks very sick.
  5. I like buying at the 7-11 Store behind my house.


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