Darryl Yap Shows “Proof” Ninoy Aquino Praised Imelda Marcos

Darryl Yap shared this photo a letter from “Ninoy”

Maid in Malacanang director-writer Darryl Yap showed “proof” that former Senator Ninoy Aquino praised former First Lady Imelda Marcos.

It has been recorded in history the conflict that happened between the Aquinos and the Marcoses. Ninoy was known as the number one critic of the late President Ferdinand Marcos. The issue between the two prominent political clans in the Philippines is once again revived.

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The fact that President Bongbong Marcos won the 2022 elections ignited uprising tendecies from the supporters of the Aquinos who have joined them in ousting the Marcoses back in 1986. However, supporters of the Marcoses, including Direk Darryl Yap will not give in just easily.

The controversial director is known for his explosive posts on social media, especially in the way he retaliates to his bashers. Just recently, Direk Darryl shared this photos of a letter sent to “Dr. Aventura.” It was dated May 7, 1980.

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📷: Darryl.Yap Facebook

“I’m doing one movie before I proceed to #MoM but this jewel from Cocky Rocky deserves a moment. Ninoy praising Imelda,” the director-writer wrote in caption of his post. He added that this is “a Yellow-Pink tissue to the false nationalistic verbal diarrhea of the losers of the nation.” Direk Darryl teased that his movie MoM (Martyr or Murderer) is coming soon. This is the sequel of his MiM (Maid in Malacanang).

darryl yap post

In the letter, Ninoy expressed his gratitude to the doctor for the efficient attention that was given to him. He admitted that in the past, he was criticizing the First Lady but he realized the efforts that she has been doing back then.

“I’ve been most critical of the First Lady’s project,” he wrote, adding that it has changed when he saw what Imelda has done at the Heart Center. “I take back all my hash words,” he added.

Ninoy also said that Mrs. Marcos deserves all the credit for providing this kind of center to the people. He said that it is ironic that one of the bitterest critics of Imelda has benefitted from that center. Former Senator also said that once the issue has subsided, the former First Lady will be recognized by the people for her works.

ninoy aquino note
Photo credit: Cocky Rocky via Darryl Yap

What can you say about th is?

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2 thoughts on “Darryl Yap Shows “Proof” Ninoy Aquino Praised Imelda Marcos”

  1. It is very adorable for a GOOD person such as Ninoy who is a cretic of a person who always does evil.. to also apprecaite the good thing done by her especially when it is for the welfare of the people.
    You can see the pure heart of Ninoy that he is not after the person but the deeds of that person.
    He is a cretic to those who exploit the people but knows to appreciate when that same person does something good for the people.
    So mr. Yap why made that a big deal to gain favor for mrs Imelda Marcos. Those are just normal action of a Good Hearted person such as Ninoy to creticize the bad deeds and appreciate the good things done by that person.
    Ninoy alway want to see good things done for the Filipino people but a fierce cretic to those who oppress the the Filipino people.
    He died for the Filipinos, he died a noble hero for the Filipinos.
    Stick that in your head Mr. Daryll Yap.

  2. if Ninoy Aquino really had praises for tge Phil. Heart Center, tgen why did he refuse to be operated on at the heart center?


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